The genre of this film is thriller and comedy which is what we want our film opening to be. The film starts off with a drum beat and a bird’s eye view of buildings, this makes us, the audience feel as if the movie will be tragic and listening to the music we instantly can tell the genre is thriller and also that something big is being planned.

The suddenly we hear someone singing in a very high pitch voice leaving us wondering for a few seconds, who could it be. When we find out that this person is actually a traffic warden (Chris Tucker) dancing around while telling which way the cars should go. This is when we establish that the genre of this film is also comedy.

Next we see a policeman on a motorbike and a 4x4 car guarding a car while it moving making it obvious that someone that has a high status is in the car. Inside the car there are two characters, a FBI agent (Jackie Chan) and the ambassador of china. Here again us the audience feel that some is being planned because the ambassador says “stay close today Lee, we’re making history.” We still don’t know if something good or evil is being planned, which is why the tension builds and makes the audience feel the need to know what might happen and keep watching the movie.

In these few seconds of the opening the director has already shown the audience that the genre of the film is thriller/comedy. The atmosphere keeps on changing from being serious to comic and it blends in together. The director ends the opening scene at almost a cliff-hanger making the audience want to watch on and find out what happens next in the movie.


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