The main genre of this film is comedy. The film starts off with a very dramatic music being played while mountains are shown and then a red helicopter flying past making it obvious for the audience that they are looking for someone that is stuck on the mount. Watching the first few seconds the audience can decode that the genre of this film might be adventure.

Next we see an extremely long range shot of something climbing the mounting. The camera man slowly starts to zoom in and we the audience realise that it is a man climbing the mounting without any ropes. The director did this to show that this character is very adventurous and also to get us amazed and eager to find out why he is doing this.

After the camera zoom into a mid-shot of the character, (Jim Carrey) he turns around looks at the camera and the red helicopter and say “you could put somebody’s EYE OUT with that thing.” Hearing this we instantly know this character will be playing a comic role and also another genre of this film is comedy.

Just like “Rush Hour 3,” in this film, the director starts off the movie with a very dramatic music making us feel as if the film will be humourless and tragic and then suddenly a character says or does something comical.


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