My role in the group was to originally to edit the video but because Aminur was not in I had to take his place and do the acting for the preliminary task. Everyone in my group worked really well in making the preliminary task.I think everyone in my group worked really well in doing the task and took it very seriously.

There were 5 members in the group but only 4 took part. Me,Zakiyya , Shahina and Mariam were only there when doing the actual filming of the task.I also helped edit the video. we tried to follow the storyboard but sometimes we forgot and got a bit carried away filming shots we thought looked good. in our group we had 1 problem which was that one of our team members Aminur which wasn't bothered to attend half the time. We haf to replace him in the acting position for myself because he wasn't in an the day we planned to film.

The finished article was okai but the opening shot was not very clear and miss told us to shoot it again. due to this problem we decided to film the wholetask again to make it look better. we saw this as a chance to improve our preliminary task and also gives us an idea of what problems we could try to avoid while doing the actual coursework.


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