The genre that we have chosen for our opening scene is comedy/thriller. These two genres are almost the opposite of each other which is why it will be brilliant we put them together. We are going to make a spoof movie.

Spoof comedy film is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. Also, films in this style typically have a happy ending. Here are few characteristics of comedy
.Cheerful/Clumsy character
.Setting usually in cities
.small problems being exaggerated

Thriller on the other hand is more action packed with heroes battling villains in order to save the world from being destroyed. Thrillers normally have high stakes, non-stop action and plot twists that both surprise and excite. Here are few characteristics of thriller.
.villain and hero
.action packed
.Narrative Saving,helping people someone close to them
. Trouble, Danger
.Typical settings are in are the city in a busy area to create suspense of the question who is the villain?. It can also can be in a deserted area.

Spoof comedy is a new genre in itself. It takes over the whole genre of comedy and has become a genre of its own.
Top spoof comedy flims we like are:
-Epic movie-The superman scene when there's a bullet being shot a superman and the bulet goes in slowmotion and then superman ducks but then starts to scream because the bullet went in this eye.

-Scary Movie 3-Brenda is gettng the popcorn ready and goes in the living room alone then when she walks past the tv i automatically urn on then she switches it of then it comes on gain she call her friend but she thinks shes messing around. Then the girl from the ring comes out the screen and brenda gets scared she sits on the sofa eating popcorn which loks really funny but then they start kickboxing in the living room with the girl from the ring.

-Meet the Spartans-THey talking like grown ups trying to solve a problem then they start having a dance off. Also the costumes there wearing looks really fun because they do hip hop dancing and the clothes are very ancient looking.

-Disaster Movie- When the man is running in the field away from something. The camera shots are at a very wide angle. It looks very serious but then when the mans running he loks back nd then gets stepped on by a huge feet of an animal and is stuck to the bottom.


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