A target audience is the primary group of people that the movie is aimed at or appealing to. It can be of a certain age or gender. Our movie is a Spoof movie therefore it will have a wide variety of audience that we will be able to target.

Our target audience would be anyone starting from the age of 5 so that they will be able to understand the humour off the movie. The genre that we have chosen to do the opening of the movie is Spoof and this has a will have wide age group that we will be able to target therefore it isn’t targeting a certain age group or gender. It will be more of a family type movie that all age groups will be able to watch and enjoy.

From checking out other Spoof movie reviews I have come to realise that with this type of genre there is no specific target audience that these movies are aimed at. Some spoof movies normally just have a certain rating just in case it is not appropriate for a certain age group but spoof movies are just made to make people laugh and aimed at families to enjoy together.

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