On Saturday the 16th of January me and Nishad decided to film in our spare time. The location where we decided to film was in Brady street in the building Heath pool court. We practiced tracking but after watching the film over we realize that it was not as easy as we thought because the camera was not very steady and didn't look very professional or believable.

We than found a trolley in the building an used this to help us get clear and steady shot. We placed the tripod on top of the trolley and decided to film this way because while we were tracking the camera didn't shake and it looked better when we filmed with the trolley rather then the walking and filming.

After watching through everything we filmed on Saturday we decided that we will film most of it again because we want to improve bits that we thought weren't very well filmed. Also next time we need to remember to get an opening shot of the building before we show the inside so that our story made sense and flowed well.
Nazmin ...=]


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