The genre I am researching and also the genre I am going to use for the opening scene for my coursework is spoof comedy. The two films that I am going to compare are “Meet the Spartans” and “Epic Movie.”

Target Audience
The targeted audience for “Meet the Spartans” was teens that were over 13 years old because of the crude and sexual content throughout, language, and some comic violence. Although it references many movies, TV shows, people and pop cultural events, it focuses mainly on the movie 300. Which is why people who liked the film 300 might go and watch it, they may want to see how the directors of the film make a spoof of an excellent film. The budget of this film was $30,000,000

In the same way, Scary movie 3 is also rated to be seen by teens that were over 13 years old because of the crude and sexual humour, language and comic violence. The whole spoof comedy movie is based on the films Willy Wonker and chocolate factory and the chronicles of Narnia People who liked these two films as well as people who dislikes the films might go to watch it and see how the director makes a parody of the films, although everyone over the age of 13 are welcomed. The budget of this film was $20 million.

Audience Consumption
Meet the Spartans opened number 1 at the US box office, earning $18,505,530 over its opening weekend. The film dropped 60.4% in its second weekend earning only $7,336,595 but expanding to 2643 theaters while ranking fourth at the box office. The film earned $38,233,676 in the United States and Canada and $45,787,889 internationally, adding up to a worldwide total in foreign countries of $84,021,565.

Epic Movie debuted at number 1 at the box office with a gross of $18.6 million over the opening weekend. As of May 8, 2007 the film has received $86,865,564, with $39,739,367 of that amount earned nationally, despite negative reviews from critics. The film was an economic success for its producers not least because it had a comparatively low budget, estimated at $20 million (the same as Date Movie).

Audience Interpretation
The audience went to see these two films because they wanted to be entertained and also they wanted to see who the director turns problems seen in the films The ring and chronicles of Narnia into spoof comedy. When the people go to see spoof comedy films they expect to see situation being exaggerated and mockery of typical genre plot.

Audience Response
Meet the Spartans received almost common negative reviews from critics. “Rotten Tomatoes” ranked the film 25th in the 100 worst reviewed films of the 2000s, with a rating of 2%. “Metacritic” reported the film had an average score of 9 out of 100, based on 11 reviews — indicating "extreme dislike or disgust" and being the worst received film by the director on the site. On January 21, 2009, the film received five nominations for the 29th Golden Raspberry Awards: Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actress (Electra), Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel.

Epic Movie was a financial success despite its extremely negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes ranked the film 21st in the 100 worst reviewed films of the 2000s, with a rating of 2%. LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle thought "only a complete idiot could think Epic Movie is remotely funny or worth making at all. In the Los Angeles Times, Alex Chun called the film "nothing more than a disjointed series of scenes and references lined together as a backdrop for immature humor.


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