Due to the fact that we are students we have a really low budget to spend on the movie therefore special effects and use of high technology will be limited.

Our audience before we get others to see our opening would be our teachers and other media students to get their opinion on how we could improve the movie opening.
Our main target audience would be people in the Tower hamlets community, because it is such a diverse borough we need to cater the whole community meaning we need to get people from different classes and also get people with different ethnic backgrounds to represent Tower hamlets. Our audience would be other media students and family members to get their opinions on how we could improve our movie opening.

If we were to do screenings they would be private and done in a cheap location like going to genesis and ask them for a local screening, however if we were to turn this in to a professional movie and we were Hollywood producers we would be able to have our movie in cinemas nationwide and our target audience would be ages 12 and over and parental guardian.PG-12A.


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